Google Analytics Audit

One of the biggest issues I find with companies is that they don’t know where their conversions/purchases are coming from. This is because they don’t have their Google Analytics setup properly or don’t understand how it works.

This audit is designed to pinpoint problems from both a technical and an integration standpoint, providing solutions to technical hurdles and setting your website up to successfully measure marketing campaigns. By the end of the audit all changes to Google Analytics will be set up.

These factors may include (but not be limited to):

  1. Code: To ensure that you have the proper code for the type of site you have and your offerings.
  2. Configuration: Ensuring you have configured Analytics in a way that removes your own visitor data, and that all the data is being tracked across your english & spanish domain.
  3. Data Integrity: To ensure that your site’s data is believable, and that spam bots aren’t visiting your site and skewing your data.
  4. Measurement: This includes campaign tagging, grouping your content and creating different views to enable you to view different kinds of traffic and how they move around your site.
  5. Conversions: Ensuring that you are capture the data pertinent to the interests (and worries) of your business
  6. Account linking: Identifying what accounts are currently linked to your analytics, and which accounts are missing.

The complete audit comes with:

  • Analytics Audit Video: This 35 minute video runs through how the audit and Analytics Recommendations document works and highlights some of the most important areas uncovered by the audit.
  • Analytics Audit: This document lists all major Analytics issues currently found in your account, with a list of recommendations and next steps.
  • Analytics Recommendations: This document provides a list of the recommendations needing to be implemented, as well as the tasks associated to each recommendation.

Cost: $3000

Need Implementation Help?

I can help you implement the changes needed in your Google Analytics account. These will include the items listed in the recommendations document.

Additional Cost: $3000