PPC Strategy & Campaign Audit

This PPC Strategy & Campaign Audit identifies “what’s possible?” in terms of search engine marketing strategy and campaign ideas. Each campaign will set out to educate, inspire and showcase the different ways search engine marketing (SEM) can help your company.

1. SEE: In this section, you will focus on getting potential customers to know about you. We will look at how to address your largest qualified audience to drive awareness, inspire, entertain and inform.

2. THINK: In this stage, you want potential customers to think about buying from you.

They’ve likely already been researching other competitors so your ad experience should look to drive consideration, educate, inform and inspire action from visitors with some commercial intent.

3. DO: In this stage, you want potential customers to buy from you. You are driving conversion, and helping users with an easy, seamless process to get started and learn more from a sales manager.

The complete audit comes with:

  • PPC Strategic plan Video: This 30 minute video runs through how the strategic plan works and highlights some of the most effective campaigns you can run in the future.
  • PPC Strategic Plan: This is the document that runs through a list of PPC campaign strategies you can employ on a monthly basis along with landing page options and content required for each.
  • PPC Audit & Strategic Recommendations: This spreadsheet lists all the strategic recommendations by month, as well as any issues that are currently eating away at your current PPC budget and any optimizations to begin immediately.
  • PPC Competitive Analysis Video: This 15 minute video walks through your competitive analysis and includes insights gained.
  • PPC Competitive Analysis: This document looks at the keywords that should be prioritized based on research and similarity to your industry and competition.
  • PPC Recommendations: This document provides a list of the recommendations that can be implemented, as well as, any information required with each recommendation.

Cost: $8,000

Need extra help making sure your in-house team has all the support they need once the plan is over?

PPC Consultation

I can work with your team on a monthly basis to ensure that any question is answered, and that you are sticking with the strategic plan, and you understand the results that you are getting back.

Additional Cost: $2,000

PPC Management

Not sure you can do it on your own? Let me help!

PPC Management will include the ongoing creation, optimizing and maintaining of PPC Campaigns in Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more based on the PPC Strategic Plan.

Cost: $5,000/mth (up to 25k) + 5% ad spend (25k and above)