I was a different person. I was in a 9-5 job at a world renowned startup, I was speaking around the world at conferences, and I was considered an expert in marketing by my friends and family…

I was also lying awake every night thinking that I may not be on the right path. I was feeling like a fraud, didn’t have confidence in anything I was doing at work, and felt completely, utterly, stuck.

Over the next two years, my life completely changed. Unfortunately for me, it was a health condition that made me stop in my tracks. At 32, I woke up in a hospital having had a grand mal seizure.

The stress, the burn out, and the negative, horrible, gut wrenching self talk I let my body endure for years had finally caught up to me.

So, I changed. I found myself a coach. I uncovered the self talk holding me back. I created a new plan for myself that followed my heart, not my head, and went against all the expectations that I thought my parents & friends had of me.

Now 3 years later, I’m living the life I always wanted. A business that made me 6 figures from year one and has grown exponentially year over year. Time to spend with my family and friends, and two dogs Zooey & Ziggy, and a new found respect for myself.

So now it’s time for me to give back. Why? Because I believe the industry needs you. We need diversity, we need your stories, and we need your worldview around the table if we ever want to be better marketers.

How My Coaching Works

in our 4 week session, we will explore…

Get Off Autopilot

Sometimes we don’t even realize the things that we say to ourselves during the day. Things like,
“I’m so dumb.”
“My boss probably regrets hiring me.”
“I’m so overweight.”
“I’m not good enough.”
And on and on we go. This week we will capture all the things we have
been saying and learn what tools we can use to turn it around.

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Unmask Your Villain

Now that we know what we’ve been saying in our head, it’s time to look elsewhere. Who in our lives are keeping us from our true potential. Whose voice do we hear in our heads when we are feeling down? We will figure out who these people are and the critical conversations we need to have with them or ourselves to push past these barriers.

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Create Your Bucket List

In order to stop focusing on the negative thoughts in our mind, we need to plan for the future. Why not start with the fun stuff? We’ll fast forward to 90, and make our way back. What things do you want to be known for? What will your legacy be? What activities do you want to do to make that happen?

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Now it’s time to take that bucket list and make a plan. We’ll talk about how to increase your skills, what to focus on and how to handle your wins and setbacks in the future. I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish!

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Will there be homework? Of Course!

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, think differently, expand your mindset, and whittle away at the imposter syndrome and self doubt that’s holding you back.
We will build a career plan and I’ll help guide you to the steps you need to take to achieve it, and maybe even whittle away at that imposter syndrome you have that’s holding you back. We will also discuss your career plan and what you need to do to achieve it moving forward.
Tell me a bit about yourself and I’ll send you a FREE 20 minute video about the 6 gut wrenching lessons I learned while being a marketing leader.
I'm ready!
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